1. R you a homotextuaL?
  2. Always Allways    .

  1. Why does it take so long to do thus projects?
  2.  It take s     time  for    things    to go  round and round circumambulating the 

  1. What about  other homosextexuals writers you've met in the webosphere?
  2.  Love love and more love allways more! More Happy! happpy love! especially those i've betrayed and those who've betrayed me as I'm like to be (re)called  .


                                i meant surely i love them /i bred/ them /as like you see its i guess? ankle leaning

forward Rachel saying to me it's phone fun in the U.S.of A!!!


shes's that beautiful schizophrenic one from that city in france whats it called?
she did that what do you call? html write-up in her texts way early earlier on    ~.......


~ the trouble the trouble

the trouble with guys like that and gals like that is they wanna make One thing
   the Thing which whereby All the others Get Rated is that the Word? the Word
     Word Sword its all tempermental some like the PyRaMInd and others
    the Flat sSPaces and who carries them over the desert deserted not telling the others what to do its the order of things that need t o be distinguished and They
wanna Make them All One its But I mean its like what his name says its not really a war you know its in the Mind

whereas really what you gotta do is make your own programme

   A program of reading and writing and anything else you do (that) works then for you you know like dig you see what I mean?

__________________________like who'd ever have thought blogs might do the thing trick like right?

                the dearS!
 i am addicted to writing in no matter what form

 its all ove R the Place

---------------------------------------------------writing begins in a picture ending as in a word



Is reading

Is reading a prison then? A book reading to a prison.A  prisoner of the book. Take any book like Situations by Jean-Paul Sartre , the one with the essay, an astonishing one , about Tintoretto. 

What about it? 

Well it's a  translation and the writing is  incredible. Tough, strong, polemical, swinging. Trenchant a fancy English word no one uses .

No one?

No one.  

And why ought they to? Ought be the superlative plus of any situation. A Y on the dawning of No  and N.

What then are you reading?

A book by so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so and so.

And what are they about?

It's a prison . Explanation is a prison. A trying thief waiting for a tugging god. A dog hung backwards off a two wheeled woman. Unlike  a waste of time, a man must find a manner, a way to read. A reading writing. A thing what's her name hoped to understand. She didn't . She's locked into her head. Age. Her head age. Like Jacky. Locked in a bock and a bourgeois come-down. What does it get called ? figur(ine)e of speech. Reading.

You just won't admit anything will you?

Admit? Admit? Admit what a scholarship? a night among bawdy buttocks reclining women nude in the off side blanket of death.

What sort of metaphor is this?

Who speaks of metaphor? I am speaking about desire. Not the metaphor, but the machine that makes them blink. Always trying to find a way to make them work.


'reading' gaol

And  do we read Recall to poetry? or live it? is it a spring text,  weaving its way to the honey,

    the horn?

death of a hemale

How you read is by previews. A long the side of the text: thus_______________

if yer male, then what's maiL? what's fee_mail? is this a question fluxing derrida might post as choosing the ebb of flux dom for the domain of merging mails and male? what is male if not mail? be honest yer post was 'chock-a-block' with errors from the cave of errant employers. A program where Kathy Acker stood washing her face. And you remembered that, that time , at the hotel, and it was nothing nothing nothing to paint or speak as the flow was ebbed right out of the street and the creation of Art was a continuous flood where you Maxed your maid. Art continues where death drops off, and the trope is being finality.

P.S. _ Max Ernst.

: death of a hemale