--- not sure ____________


 not sure anyone's reading anylonger reading longer as the alphabet soup
   and the cereal of the leaf and the cerrunder of river woof boom

it's that right?

 reading is a  writing
  you recompose what you read for yourself if it's going to be your own.

that's reading writing the play the stage the st'age of manduff

---------------------------------------- each sense a word is deterritorialized in a huff of poke _____



what is this ....

"What is this crap according to which there are professional philosophers, professional artists? Does not philosophy belong to everyone ? 
Does not art belong to everyone? 
What does living means then, simply living, when one is a man and one is a prey to 
language, if one is not one's own philosopher, one's own artist?" 
"I call for everybody, and 
for the worse yobbo, the whole right to speak about the world, to speak about the races 
and continents, 
to make art and philosophy and
 to produce the cultural speech as well." 
Roger Gentis.
  Poetry Made by Everyone or No one 
------------------------------------------------------------- A poem machine for everyone and  no one
the world is a vast quotation machine

clipping reclipping unclipping what is your brain but a clipping machine?


__ there's a


 there's a genius in tumblr,

   as per its scrolling page   ,

   which i've not yet  figured out how to apply to the blog,   s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

    and blog is only really still a crude form  on the slow side of making speed happen,

                   but blogs are  a form of space travelling   
                                                                        tipping on the curling edge of the speed of time,



                the box and the scroll .

 more to think about  .


   boxes and and squares and scrolls  


talking without periods,

__note the way this space forces an ending____________________


------ ,,,,, as for bks., so called and other ravenous items from the gut.. e r a


    the only books i am interested in are movies,
      besides that i am not  awriter  but a  photographer,

    now the sentence tells you what to do,

s o   how could anyone,  in their right mind,
    read a book?,
          books, which are becoming ,  light airy things are fine,

    books such as blogs,

  but as for the remainder what's that but fluff on a sound?


___________________      --------------------------------

|the less ...


  the less the better  .. less bks. less people printers, publishers, lyres, thieves, crooks, hopes of disasters and bastards of sudden turn,

wasters of paper,

users of origins,

the less oedipus
   the better,

    the less of less

 the less same

the less sentence and period of period piece and quoting and quitting of old books and fantasies of originality by paranoid geeks wondering the high

assed time, boring

the same old

drill again

and books,
with pages,


and useless


perfect bound,

the less the better for this old world's weary with its paper pulp industry

from mister shakeascene to you,

and yr yodels,

and tawdry old codes

and roads,
walt whitman
and crew,



you too,

with it all and tried and true and few,

 f ,   you,


no more pages turning left to right right to left with aplphabet bores
and roars

and dingle gores and boars tusking the eloping agent of the dead poetry

and that's you too,

 and my chaos crew,

and rats in the basement

                                        bureaucratic intensity it seems  like only yesterday

and you wanna know where you page



with the infinite












and the love







Reading politics,


  reading politics is to read a delirium _with the back pun in French right smack there between the eyes. A Lire a reading of a delire a folly a insanity, a  reading of greed, fear, reverals, denials within forgotten facts, that have been forgotten and recategorized and the destruction

How to read in the midst of ...


  just close the door, shut off the lights,
  turn off your various machines and  devices

  and     away you go

__________________  reading as you write


Roaming Charges: America’s Political CAT Scan




It's fun to 'open and close' blogs as one does literally

upon opening the pages of a book, and

likewise closing them!

Ah Analogy! thy name is philosophy?